Go with the Flow

If my notebooks could speak, they would tell the story of a young woman who had her life perfectly planned out. That is, until she finds herself confused and frustrated by the end of her business degree. Something is moving deep within her, a calling that she first tries to ignore. When the safety of staying becomes more painful than the risk of leaving, she embarks on a search for meaning and herself. As she takes a leap of faith, leaving behind a promising career, a stable relationship and her old life in Germany, she finds herself on a hero’s journey. Thankfully, she not only meets dead ends and obstacles, but also new friends and a sage mentor and, maybe, eventually, her purpose? One thing is for sure, because she follows her intuition bravely, she learns how to go with the flow.

Go with the Flow - Sarah Toussaint Book

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Brimming with wisdom and courage and an admirable ‘go-getter’ spirit.”

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Life comes with all kinds of stressors and adversity. I am trained professionally and personally in the tough school of life to support and guide you on your own unique life journey.


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