Hi there!

I’m Sarah,

Several years ago I set out on my own circuitous search for meaning. This journey made me realize that feeling lost is better than never seeking out answers at all. I learned a lot trying to find my way through failure and adversity. On the quest to find answers to the big questions (Who am I? Why am I here? How to live a full and meaningful life?!), I was fascinated by the experience of how mindfulness, awareness and meaning-centered modalities gave me insights, practices and transformation! So I decided to get professionally trained to help others.


What you need to know about me


After 7 years abroad (US, Canada, Guatemala & Portugal), I now live in my hometown Freiburg, Germany.


Degrees in international business and leadership but changed paths and studied mindfulness, emotional intelligence and meaning therapy.


Loves all (most) things mindfulness and spirituality because those practices and beliefs allow me to stay true to myself, happy and healthy in this crazy world.


I speak German, English, French und Spanish.


Ambivert - I love people but I also really need me-time 🙂


Happily married to my Mexican man and one furry baby: our dog Nala.


Geek for Harry Potter, Outlander, Lord of the Rings & Starwars.

Core Values


Kindness, caring, and a desire to help others.


Inner freedom and finding happiness in the small things.


Being more in the moment where Life actually happens.


Authentic connection and confidence in self & Life.


Life comes with all kinds of stressors and adversity. I am trained professionally and personally in the tough school of life to support and guide you on your own unique life journey.

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