Keynotes & Talks

Personal storytelling combined with thought-provoking questions for self-inquiry that cause goosebumps and “aha-moments”. Having travelled the world for the last seven years on my own search for meaning has led me to become a passionate storyteller on stages like the International Leadership Conference 2022 in Washington D.C.


I’ve been invited as an expert speaker on topics like mindfulness, purpose, how to find meaning and hope in today’s world, self-compassion, self-love, emotional intelligence and conscious leadership. 



Authentic inspiration that opens minds, hearts and doors.


Catalyzing ideas that give that empowering "I can do that too-feeling"


Real meaningful connection to the audience and relevant topics


Life comes with all kinds of stressors and adversity. I am trained professionally and personally in the tough school of life to support and guide you on your own unique life journey.

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