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I love customizing workshops that offer ways to learn and integrate exactly what you want and need most:
self-awareness, self-management (including resilience), compassion and leadership.

We can all experience greater contribution, performance, impact and fulfillment each day.

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Healing and thriving through meaning discovery

You experience distress and helplessness?

Many people suffer from confusion and a lack of meaning in their life. I am here for you, to listen with presence and non-judgment. We work together so you can find more meaning and fulfillment in your life. 

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We all deserve to give ourselves the best chances to thrive

One of the best ways to do this is to find supportive and knowledgable mentors.

I have been fortunate for the support, wisdom and advice that my mentors have instilled in me.

Now I would like to share with you the experience and also the tools and techniques that work for me.  

Because sometimes warm, genuine & practical support is exactly what we need.

Offered as 6-month journey or whenever you need session!

All sessions available from everywhere via Zoom.

My Qualification & Training

From My Clients

“Sarah is empowering, effective, genuine, and real. She is passionate but also understanding but also challenged the way I thought.”

Alexander S.

“Sarah is my sunshine mentor. She helps me see new and positive perspectives that release beautiful feelings. Sarah inspires and empowers me in many ways. She always listens to me with benevolence and gives me the tools and keys to move forward and reach my objectives. I can clearly see my progress. Thank you Sarah!”

Kenza B.

“Thank you! You are truly a beautiful soul and person with a gift to share with others as you allow them to unfold with you and help them to shape their journey.”


“Sarah’s guidance and practical tips always inspire me and help me reconnecting to my true self. She is a very talented, kind and empathic instructor and it is always a pleasure to learn from her.”

Mareike Z.

“You introduced me to a new way of looking at daily struggles and myself in general. You make it look so easy for me to put a healthy amount of attention on myself and make me learn about accepting and not getting misled by my emotions. Your honest kind and the way you gain an understanding for my concerns is what makes you the very special and unique person you are.”

Lucas, R.

“Thank you for the wonderful mentoring. It is changing me life.”

Stephanie, A.

Sharing is Caring

I want Unfold with Sarah to create profit. Profit here means that people around the world are profiting from our actions by being supported to live a life of more belonging and freedom. Because we want to be part of the positive change on this planet, every year 7% of our profits go to Nuevo Amanecer. This is an organization in Guatemala that is dedicated to giving Mayan children a better future through education. I met the founder of Nuevo Amanecer and his family when I was living in rural Guatemala.

I feel so inspired by their unwavering effort to create better living and learning conditions for Mayan children, that I chose to donate to Nuevo Amanecer. Thank you to all my clients who contribute indirectly to this meaningful cause as well. 


Unfold with me. Let me inspire, guide and walk by your side as you learn how to live in a more conscious and meaningful way. This is my passion and my pleasure. With non-judgment, kindness and clarity. 


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